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A little about me

I'm a Canadian developer & photographer living in Montreal.

For the better part of 2 decades, I was located in Toronto. Initially working in the music industry, once I started learning HTML & CSS to redesign our studio's website, I was hooked. Over the course of 2 months, I transitioned to a career in tech (thanks to the wonderful folks at Hubba) and have been designing, developing & deploying ever since.

Here's how I can help!


It's been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Whether you're looking for custom stock imagery, updated headshots, lifestyle & fitness or product photography, you're in the right place. There's nothing more satisfying than handing over great proofs for clients to choose from. I do not watermark photos (ever) and all of the images taken during our shoots are yours to do what you please with.


Maybe you're one person running the show... or maybe you're part of a team of 100's. Regardless, great branding and an easy to use website are key to getting your company into the spotlight. Let's work together to design an amazing customer experience that sets you apart from the rest. Cookie cutter solutions just won't do.


Websites should feel like an extension of your business. They should be easy to navigate, responsive and reliably hosted. A good site delivers a great experience whether clients are viewing it mobile, on a tablet or desktop. It should also be easy for you to update. If you'd prefer to leave maintenance to a developer, i'd be happy to help with that too.


No print job is too small. Whether you need a small run of 10 custom stickers or 1000's of business cards, we'll find a way to make it happen. Smaller run items can usually be printed in-house while larger run items can be passed along to the print shop of your choice. I'm happy to recommend fantastic print shops to suit your budget.

What I bring to the table

Branding, design, development & deployment.

Working 1 on 1 with clients allows for clear communication and in turn, a much quicker turn around on projects.

Photography & Retouching

Some popular photography options:

  • Headshots
  • Product Photography
  • Fitness Photography
  • Stock Photography & Graphic Design
  • Campaigns
  • Edits & Retouching

Website Design

It's so important to have a clean, easy to navigate website. Potential customers should be able to find the information they're looking for as simply as possible. This is where good design comes into play - site mock-ups showing multiple views (desktop, tablet, mobile) will give a preview of how great your site will look, even on the smallest device.

Website Development

Developing a website isn't always as straightforward as it seems. Maybe you've gotten tangled up in code and need a hand with programming, or maybe you have a site mock up and don't quite know how to bring it to life. I'm ready to hop in and help you get to a finished product as simply as I can.

Point of Sales & Merch Design

The sky is the limit when it comes to branded goods - notebooks, calendars, pads, brochures, wayfinders, giftcards, apparel, decals, business cards, posters, billboards, stickers, bookmarks, internal documents & forms, etc. I'd be happy to help design any branded collateral that you need to run your business.

Email Campaigns & Ads

Run email campaigns and ads that don't waste everyone's time. There's a fine art to designing these pieces and they aren't always executed well. Let's come up with a cost effective email solution that will keep your customers in the loop and create ads that will truly help your business grow.

Site Maintenance

Running a business may mean that you don't have time to take care of all the little details. Maybe you need a hand with monthly website updates or keeping your community informed and engaged via social media accounts. I'd be happy to dicuss anything that you think would help take your brand to the next level.

Featured Works

The latest greatest.

Road Less Travelled Academy



The Road Less Travelled Academy team requested a logo that represented their values - educating children in the great outdoors. Branding & collateral was created based on this


Website Design


Flexday's website designs were based on their ultra modern branding guidelines. The site has a modern, minimalist feel while still providing important information about Flexday services. You can check it out here

Notorious Paper



Notorious Paper products are meant to look cheeky & bold, but have a professional feel. Packaging needed to read clearly while photography is meant to look minimalist. This is a personal project that I created from scratch.

Coffee Public

Coffee Labels & Branding


Coffee Public's Port Hope shop is bright and beautiful, they requested that their coffee labels be a reflection of that. The resulting labels utilize their shop colours and sunny disposition while providing important info about their (awesome) products.

Lucky Dog Racing Canada

Website & Stationary design


Lucky Dog Racing Canada is a sister company to Lucky Dog Racing League (USA). We're working together to build out their branding collateral and website (Launching End of January 2019)


Headshots & Product Photography


I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take photos! Here's a very small sample of some of my work. Working to utilize natural and studio lighting is always a fun challenge, which is why I love to take on both indoor and outdoor projects. For more photos, follow along on Instagram


Get in touch and we'll create some brand magic!

Where To Find Me

Montreal, QC

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